MCC course (JET)



The goal of the MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation training course is to improve the cockpit coordination between the crew members. The MCC training is the bridge between the ATPL course and your future workplace in an airline cockpit environment.

Our experienced MCC instructors, all senior airline captains, will equip you with the knowledge required to work as a responsible co-pilot within an airline flight crew.

The training is divided into a theoretical and a practical phase. We focus on developing skills such as communication, decision making, teamwork and leadership. Take note that ALL theory hours are provided "face to face" in a classroom environment with qualified and rated MCC instructors.


The total duration of the course is 10 days, whereof 4 days for theoretical training and 5 days of training in our state-of-the-art FSTD JET flight simulator (Citation aircraft).


Upon accomplishment of the course, you will be granted a MCC Course Completion Certificate and the MCC rating will be endorsed on your license. 


Total Course Duration (Normal Progress) 10 days
Theoretical Training 5 days / 25 hours
Flight Training 5 days / 20 Simulator hours



PRICE:   USD 1790:- 

Price is all inclusive:

-  Accomodation

-  Training material

-  Instructor

-  Flight simulator

Start dates


Apr. 07 to Apr. 16. 2020   |   fully booked

May. 04 to May. 13. 2020   |   2 seats avail

Jun. 1 to Jun. 10. 2020   |   4 seats avail

Jun. 22 to Jul. 01. 2020   |   4 seats avail

Jul. 13 to Jul. 21. 2020   |   4 seats avail