Student information

Student campus 

Skies' student accommodation is located at Stockholm-Skavsta international airport with walking distance from the school premises and the operations ramp.


The rooms are normally provided on sharing basis. All rooms are equipped with closets and studying desks. Kitchen, showers and washing facilities are on shared basis. The common areas have big screen TV's and complimentary movie streaming. Students also enjoy free high speed internet connection in all rooms and in the school area.

VISA / permit to stay for studies

‘Skies Airline Training AB’ is an EASA approved Training organization (SE.ATO.0002) from Sweden Civil Aviation Authority. We are approved to enroll international students for our training programs in Sweden.


To participate in one of our training programs, you will need a Swedish or EU residence permit, alternatively a VISA or a permit to stay for studies. You should be aware of that the permit to stay application, which is processed by the Swedish Migration Authority in Sweden, can take time so students are adviced to apply at least 6- 10 weeks prior to the start date of their course. 

Documents required

  • Passport copy
  • Last Education certificate 
  • Acceptance letter from Skies Airline Training
  • VISA application form (form no. 105031)
  • Valid health insurance
  • Proof of financial support / bank statement

Can you handle the action ?

Flying in Sweden means hardcore flight training action in different weather conditions and a variating landscape. The question is, can you handle the action?

Picture this: The action starts already from your first flight out of our home base at Stockholm-Skavsta international airport. You will fly next to the big passenger jets from RyanAir, Wizzair etc, and you will communicate with real Air Traffic Controllers. You will have to keep your nerves in check and apply the knowledge from your theory studies and from the pre-flight briefing with your flight instructor. The whole point with our training is to give you the skills, the procedures and the confidence of an airline pilot even though you are manouvering a small aircraft.

Sweden has actually a perfect weather climate for airline pilot training. You will learn how to handle different weather conditions in a variating landscape and you will develop real pilot skills based on real life action rather than just reading about it in a book. This experience is exactly what the airlines are looking for in a first officer, not people who have been joy riding in a blue sky during all training.

Thanks to the gulf stream, Sweden has a hot summer season with temperatures between +25C (77F) to +30C (86F) and, because of our geographical position far north, we also have more daylight hours in the summer than anywhere else. This allow us to fly a lot more VFR in the summer time. The winter season is of course colder, but also more dry, which means a clear sky. And in our state-of-the-art flight simulators, the air condition is always perfect ;)



Integrated or Modular ATPL ?

The Integrated course is a full time residential course which is intended to be taken in one continuous shot, whereas the Modular course can be taken step by step and even part time.


With the Modular course, the student have the freedom to complete the training at his/her own pace. This route is ideal for those who, for example, want to stay with their work during the training towards a license.


The Integrated course is the fastest way to acquire a commercial pilot licence and an airline first officer position, but it will require your full attention and commitment.



How do I enroll ?

These are the steps in your enrollment process:


  1. Book your seat online and submit your enrollment documents;
  2. Your application and documents will be reviewed by a recruitment officer;
  3. You will be scheduled for a set of pre-entry tests;
  4. You will receive an invoice for the initial payment;
  5. You can pay by bank wire or credit card;
  6. Your VISA application will be processed;
  7. Once your VISA is approved - book your ticket and start your journey :)



What is the training language ?

All our courses are provided in the English language.